17020 Inspection Software AudiMAX

Workorder system for AudiMAX

A new feature in AudiMAX provides the inspection body with tools to manage the workorder process. Through the client portal a client can send a request for an inspection, indicating which object he wants inspected and for which scope.

On receival of the inspection request, the inspection body can use AudiMAX to add important information to the request and turn the request in to a concept workorder by adding:

  • required safety measures
  • any abnormalities
  • the required preparation of the inspection object
  • etc.

The concept workorder can be accepted by the client using the client portal in AudiMAX.

AudiMAX complies with § 7.1.5 of ISO/IEC 17020:2012:

The inspection body shall have a contract or work order control system which ensures that:
a) work to be undertaken is within its expertise and that the organization has adequate resources to meet the requirements;
b) the requirements of those seeking the inspection body’s services are adequately defined and that special conditions are understood, so that unambiguous instructions can be issued to personnel performing the duties to be required;
c) work being undertaken is controlled by regular review and corrective action;
d) the requirements of the contract or work order have been met.

and the guidelines of ILAC P15 (7.1.5 a, b and c).