17020 audits

A new service from TwinSparc b.v.: 17020-Audit.

Beside ISO/IEC 17020 consulting and IS/IEC 17020 education, TwinSparc now offers an internal audit service for inspection bodies, called ‘17020-Audit’.

The basis for TwinSparc 17020 Audit is ISO 19011, the guidelines for auditing management systems and focuses on inspection bodies that want to outsource the burden of conducting internal audits by their own staff and inspection bodies that want to have their internal audit procedures and -program checked for efficiency.

Too small? – not enough know how? – no time?

It is often difficult to find the resources within the inspection organization to conduct effective internal audits. For smaller organizations it can be very difficult to find an internal auditor who is independent and unbiased. It is also possible, that an inspection body does not have the proper know how. Finding the spare time to conduct internal audits can also be a problem.

If that is the case, hiring an internal 17020 auditor can be the solution!

A fresh look = input for improvements

Hiring an external internal auditor can bring new insights and ideas for improvement of the inspection organization. The external auditor has a fresh look and may see things from an entirely different perspective. This can bring useful input for improvements of the management of the inspection body.

All scopes of inspection

Our auditors can audit your inspection organization, regardless of the scope. We audit the way your organization has implemented the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and therefore it makes no difference for what scope your organization is accredited or want to be accredited.

The Auditor is not a technical expert!

An auditor should not be confused with a technical expert! For each audit one or more technical experts can be part of an audit team if specific technical aspect are to be audited. The auditor however, is the person that can judge whether the execution of the technical aspects comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

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